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Hello, Parents!

We hope that this finds you all healthy and well. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we have been meeting as an Administrative Team and that Mr. Bustle is meeting with our Board President in the next couple of days and with our Board as a whole in the next few weeks. We will be letting parents know when the meeting is and invite you to attend. It will be in our gym and everyone will have plenty of space to spread out safely.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few logistics that we are facing and as decisions are made we will let you know!

If you received this email multiple times, I apologize as our regular email database isn’t quite updated and I didn’t want to miss anyone.

Mrs. Council



PCS Parents,

This afternoon, I was part of an online meeting with other charter school principals and the Superintendent, Cynthia Saunders.  It is currently the plan of the Manatee County School District to have all elementary students back in class in August with 6th – 8th grade students utilizing a blended model where some students are at school and others are working from home depending on the day of the week.  Due to our smaller size, I believe we can more safely operate our school with all students at school every day.  Our plan involves the following:

1. Students boarding the bus will have their temperature taken before boarding.  Those with a temperature will not be allowed to board.  Parents (or another trusted adult) should not leave the bus stop until the student(s) have safely boarded the bus. Students will wear their mask during the bus ride.

2. Students arriving by car, bicycle or walking will have their temperature taken at a central location before entering the buildings.

3. Visitors on  campus will be limited. Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child to the classroom, and parents will be discouraged to be on campus except for drop off/pickup and required meetings or other exceptional cases.  (Having to put this rule in place is difficult for me knowing how much we appreciate our parent support, but such is our current situation.)

4. K – 1st will wear plastic shields instead of masks while in the classroom and at other times during the day.

5. 2nd – 8th grade students will be generally required to wear masks while inside the classroom or as otherwise instructed, especially where social distancing is not practical.

6. Tables and chairs will be wiped down on a regular basis throughout the day and each afternoon all classrooms will be sanitized by utilizing new technology that is designed to kill all of the pathogens in the room.

7. We are not planning on offering a remote teaching option this year, except where students cannot attend school for an extended period due to Covid19 or other serious medical issues.

8. Should you believe that the program we are offering is not at a risk level that is acceptable to your family, I would suggest that you call the school for suggestions on how to best meet your family’s needs.

We did our best to promote quality instruction this past 4th quarter, but overall, it was not at the level we aspire to provide.  With our current situation, I will recommend to the PCS Board that we adopt the program and safety measures above.  We will be refining our protocols over the next few weeks and things could change between now and the start of school, but I hope this email gives you a better understanding of how we are preparing for the next school-year.


Mr. Bustle



PCS Parents,

As you are probably aware, Governor DeSantis has decided it best to continue with distance learning through the remainder of the school year.  While this is not our preferred method of instruction, we will continue to provide meaningful instruction for the remainder of the school year.  Meanwhile, we are exploring creative options for recognizing our Kindergarten and 8th grade students.

Other than some enhancements, our new Gym and Cafeteria are completed.  It was my hope to have a large grand opening, but that is not possible in our current situation.  However, I do believe there is a way to allow families to have a brief tour of the facilities and help the school as well.  Families will have the opportunity to sign up to come during one of several 30-minute time blocks, beginning noon to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 4/28, and 8:00 am till noon on Wednesday, 4/29.  By limiting the number of families in each 30-minute block, we will have no more than three families in the facility at a time with social distancing of at least forty feet.

We will forward a the link to sign-up by the end of the day today and more logistics on the tours as the day approaches.

It has been our plan for months to create a brick walkway from the new Cafeteria to the PCS Football and Soccer Field.  The brick pavers will be engraved with the names of families that have financially assisted us with this project with gifts of $250 or more.  Now, here is how you can help PCS.  During the 24-hour period beginning Tuesday the 28th at noon and ending at noon the following day, the Sarasota Foundation with the generous support of the Patterson Foundation, will be matching gifts up to $100 for each individual donor.

To kick off our brick paver fundraiser, during this 24-hour period, your $100 gift will turn into a $200 gift and a brick will be engraved with your family’s name.  For those families that are able, please consider doubling your efforts.  When a husband and wife donate $100 separately, that turns into $400.  You will have the opportunity to give when you visit, or you may do so at home or even on your cell phone. There will be a link to the Giving Challenge website directly linked to Palmetto Charter School. That will be on our website and emailed to parents as well.

I realize this is a financially difficult time for many of our families, and you may not have the means to contribute at this time.  However, we did not want to pass up on this opportunity to see donations doubled.

Finally, we miss seeing our PCS Family.  We wish all of you the best and pray that you will be safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Brian Bustle




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